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<div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_64587"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_63592">Welcome!</span>   </div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_63570"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_65059">
 </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_63580">   </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_66526">I specialize in newborn, child, family and wedding photography.</span>      <div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_63574"><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_63578"><span>    </span></div><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_93579">
 </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_81927"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_82359">But many photographers out there can say that! </span>    <div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_81497"><span>    </span></div><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_94789">  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_94773">What I think is more important, is that I specialize in connecting with children and adults </span> and I understand light. <span> 
    <br></span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_109220">  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_105829"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_106181">Without those 2 very important elements, I would not be able to make </span> great portraits.</div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_105827"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_105845">  </span></div><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_120096">
  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_109265"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_109257">Great portraits capture who you are and do not involve cheesy grins. </span></div>

I am an accredited member of The Professional Photographers of Canada. I am only 1 in 4 photographers that are accredited in newborn photography in Manitoba. I am also accredited in child and infant photography.

 I have won awards with both The Manitoba Camera Club and the Professional Photographers of Canada. I won Most Creative Image in the Manitoba division of PPOC in 2016 and have had images earn merits in The National Salon. I also won Best Contemporary Photograph in 2017 with The Manitoba Camera Club.

I do wedding photography, as well as newborn, child and family photography.
I enjoy getting to know people, playing with children, cuddling with newborns; all the while taking pictures. I love to laugh with you and to get to know you. 

I love brides and weddings and capturing the emotion on this special day. 

Photography is a second career for me. I spent many years as an early years teacher. Children have always been a part of my life; whether in a classroom or in front of my camera. 

My goal in any photo session is to capture emotion and not cheesy grins.

I have spent most of my adult life with small children and although 2 year olds are tough, I love capturing them as they are. And getting real expressions.

I have a beautiful girl dog named Zara. . As well, I have 2 sons and  grandsons and a wonderful man in my life. 

I love to travel and see how other people live and I also do a lot of nature and travel photography. You can see those images on another website called 21Photo.

I love chocolate, red wine and coffee. I swim and walk and love being in nature, whether at Victoria Beach or at a Kilcona Park (where I walk my dog.)

Fill in the contact form below, if you have any questions or if you would like to book a session. I'll be happy to send you further information. 


<div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123294"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123293">My goal is to capture emotion and not cheesy grins.</span></div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123291"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123865">
  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123627"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_123287">I have spent most of my adult life with small children and although 2 year olds are tough, I love capturing them as they are. And getting real expressions,</span></div>
<span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146598">But what about me you ask? Who am I?</span><span> </span><span> </span><span> 
</span><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146587"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146600">  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146904">I was an early years teacher for many years. Photography is a second career and it is one that I love,</span></div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146583"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_147043">
 </span>I have a little white dog named Taylor. As well, I have 2 sons and a grandson.</div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146579"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_148814">
  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_148326"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146576">I love to travel and also do a lot of nature and travel photography. You can see those images on another website called</span><a href="http://21photo.ca" target="_blank"> 21Photo</a>.</div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_146574"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_149320">
  </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_148850"> </span><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_148848">I love chocolate, red wine and coffee.</span></div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_149339"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_150003">
  </span>And I love having fun and laughing and getting to know people just like you! </div><div id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_150004"><span id="yui_3_8_0_1_1375848226165_150504">

<a href="mailto:chrismcwilliamsphotography@gmail.com">Email Me</a>  if you have any questions or if you're ready to book a session. I'll be happy to send you further information. 


What clients have said about ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography:

We have had several photography sessions with Christina and are very happy with the amazing and beautiful pictures we have. She is always very accommodating with our schedules and locations, even coming to our home for our daughter’s first birthday. Christina has endless patience and waits for my little one to get comfortable with posing for pictures. Her rates are very reasonable and all our experiences have been positive - I would highly recommend her services! Ruth

"Christina has been taking our family photos for the past four and a half years. She is very kind and patient, particularly with little ones (and dogs). She has taken so many beautiful pictures of our daughters even when they have been challenging (busy and cranky!). Her home studio is warm and comfortable and she always suggests beautiful choices for other locations both indoors and outdoors. Turnaround time to view your photos is very reasonable. The difficult part is choosing from all of the great shots. I highly recommend Christina McWilliams Photography for your next family photo. We will continue to for years to come!" Stacey

Working with Christina McWilliams was a great experience. Christina is very patient and energetic which is absolutely necessary when taking pictures of little ones. She has great creative ideas for pictures but also keeps in mind all of the technical elements that make a great picture; i.e. lighting, background, outfit, etc. We are so happy with all of the photos we ordered and always enjoyed our sessions with Christina. Highly recommended!! Katherine

I hired Christina Williams Photography for my wedding on September 20th, 2014 and it was a great experience. She met with me prior to the wedding to discuss all of our expectations and wishes and did everything she could to fulfill them. The prices were more than reasonable. She hired an assistant to make sure every angle was captured of our special day. Christina and her assistant were both very easy to work and get along with. The pictures turned out amazing and we couldn't have been happier with how they looked! I would hire her again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anyone who asked. Tawny

Amazing, I love them so much!! Rhianon

The Newborn Photos look awesome, we are very pleased w/ them. Paul

Thanks so much!! I'm loving these photos!! Heidi


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